Thursday, December 27, 2007


Our Christmas began a few days early this year. Our family is large and there is never enough time to fit it all in during the traditional 48 hours of Christmas festivities.
So we began our celebration last weekend with Bob's Mom, Joe and his two kids. Bob and I drove with the kids and Archie to a beautiful cabin in the country. We sat by the fire, sang Christmas carols, went on walks and let the Christmas spirit take over.

G&D at the cabin with Gma Deb, Papa Joe & a local dog

Christmas eve was spent at my Uncle Dan's house and then to Bob's sisters. We were out until almost 1am. Then Bob and I were up until 3am helping Santa set everything up.
G&D with all their second cousins on Xmas eve

Aunt Beckie reading to Grace, Denny & Joey

Our traditional 3am xmas eve shot. A mixture of exhaustion & excitement

Christmas morning was at my Mom's where G&D were spoiled with overflowing presents. Then we spent the rest of the day trying to get organized and playing with all the new stuff.

Xmas morning at my Mom and Dave's

Christmas evening we spent with Bob's brother Tim and our friends Jess and Leo. We bowled on the wii and drank too much wine.

Bob, Me, Jess & Leo

After all of this, it's still not over. Tonight my brother and Patty are coming over for dinner and gifts. Then we hope to sleep for at least 3 days straight. We hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful Christmas. Thank you and Merry Christmas kisses and hugs to all our out of town family. We love and miss you all!


Carie said...

Great family stuff...I love it!!!!

jenica said...

so sweet. looks like you had a great christmas and are looking forward to a great new year! ;-D

Tara said...

You guys look so cozy!

Glad you had a good holiday season!

RowanandSaoirse said...

Merry Christmas!