Wednesday, December 19, 2007


On Friday Grace's dance class had a Christmas party. So all the parents were able to watch the girls dance for a 1/2 hour then they all snacked on cookies and other goodies. The teacher asked that the girls wear red and green for the party instead of their regular dance gear. I could see such an improvement already from the last time we sat in her class. The girls did the cutest x-mas dance. Once I get more organized, I will post the video on here. Until then, I hope these pictures capture the sweetness of it all.

On Saturday we had Bob's work party. I was super excited because he has only been with this company for a few months so it was my first time meeting everyone. We took the kids to Mom and Joe's and got a hotel in Westlake where the party was. The dinner was amazing and the drinks were even better. I was sucking down Pinot like the world was coming to an end. I wish I would have asked the bartender what brand it was b/c it was delicious! So after X amount of drinkies, I was busting a move. I haven't danced in a long ass time. Then the bonus of an already great night was meeting up with my girl Stacia after the party ended. It was a much needed, fun filled night out for Bob and I.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Keep the cocktails flowing and you won't even realize how tired you are, that is what I always say!

I miss having cocktails and parties with you guys.

Beer pong anyone??

Carie said...

Sooo cute.....glad that you guys got a night out!!!

Mollie said...

how cute! did bob win anything this year at his christmas party?