Monday, February 25, 2008


This weekend was full of goodness.
The best part was going to the theatre with the kids. We took them to see Seasame Street Live, Elmo Makes Music. Their first time in Palace Theatre means the world to me. I love going into the theatre district of Cleveland. It truly is all inspiring. The beauty of these buildings are something you need to see first hand. The kids enjoyed the show. They were bobbing their heads, clapping their hands the entire time.
Friday we hung with Beckie and Pete and I finally saw a pic of Becks wedding dress. Can I just say gorgous!
Saturday after naps we went to Tracy's where Bob did some "stuff" around the house. Then we went shopping for D and came home for movie night. We watched
Michael Clayton and it wasn't as good as I had anticipated. Still worth seeing, but I don't understand all the hype.

I finished reading a
Twist of Lennon (loved it,) and began reading John, also by Cythia Lennon.

Sunday is always my sleepy day. Bob woke with the kids and took them to breakfast. Then he grabbed the dog and went to Pet Smart for food and other goodies. I slept until 10am and woke to silence. I brewed some coffee, read the paper and waited for the fam to come back home.
I have been battling a crippling headache for the past 2 days. Today I didn't even leave the house or get out of my jammies for that matter.
A new week approaches, another snow storm is heading our way. Let's pray it's the last one for the year!


Carie said...

I have had a headache for two weeks...have been to the doctors...Clariten and motrin made me feel as though I was a normal person again. See you Sat

Mollie said...

Sounds absolutely lovely dear. Maybe this summer we take all the kids to the Sesame Street amusement park in PA. Ooohh, so much Elmo I could puke!

Kara said...

Sounds like you and the kids had a great time. I am praying that this is the last of the winter storms as well.

Jennifer Lynn said...

I wish we were closer, Seth would have loved to see Elmo!