Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This past week alone, we have made trips to the library, the Rain Forest, Chunk E Cheese and the Science Center. We have gone through countless containers of Play Dough, boxes of crayons and markers, paper galore & coloring books. We are trying everything to keep the weather from getting the best of us. It's too cold to play in the snow, and every day I am feeling the walls closing in on me.

Oh how I miss playing outside. Sitting in my back yard with a good book while the kids play for hours on end. Getting an accidental tan while I "work" through my day. It's always the same every year. January or February we start talking about where we can move that has sunshine all year round, instead of maybe 6 months. We aren't going anywhere, but it makes us feel good to talk about it.


Mollie said...

I hear ya! I'm trying to convince my boss to move our company to San Diego.

Are you and Bob still making the Cbus trip?

Jennifer Lynn said...

Here here sister! I'm ready for an escape, but we aren't going to Florida until April. We have vacation next week and I have made plans for everyday so that I don't go crazy!

Kara said...

I am so sick of winter!! The kids want to ride their bikes, I want warmth and sunshine! Tom is teasing me with the thoughts of taking a transfer to a warmer climate with his new job!

Mayren said...


Tara said...

I can totally relate...seems like it is either bitterly cold in Michigan or snowing...OR BOTH!

Happy Valentine's Day!