Thursday, February 07, 2008


I look at this picture, and all I imagine is us following the yellow brick road. Of course I just finished reading Wicked, so that may have something to do with it.
Now that I am done with Wicked, I have moved on to
The Bonesetter's Daughter. My Mom just finished reading it and loved it, so she passed it along to me. I am also eagerly awaiting 2 books that I recently bought on Ebay. The first is John, by Cynthia Lennon and the other is Cynthia Lennon's other book about her life as a Beatle wife, A Twist of Lennon.

I am on my Beatles kick again thanks to my friend Correne. I used to work with her at Safeguard and we spent many work hours talking about books and music. Her and I are very simialr in our love of reading, writing and music. Last Friday Bob and I went to Correne and Scot's house for dinner and cards. They had the best Beatles memorabilia which included books and amazing photographs. Every room you walk into in their house has something Beatles in it. I loved it.

Before I sign off, I want to give a Dirty 30 Birthday shout out to my beautiful friend Jen in Watertown. Happy Birthday ( i know it's tomorrow) and I wish I could be back in Watertown NY with you guys to celebrate the big day! Have fun.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Thank you so much for remembering my b-day. I'm working now, but partying later! I wish you were here, you guys are the best partiers!