Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I thought this would be fun and as I am doing it, I love it. So don't be shy and play along...

I hit shuffle on my i-pod and I'll share the first 10 songs that came up. I always say, if you want to get personal with someone, check their play list. So on random shuffle of 459 songs, here's what we have..

1. Tiny Dancer ~ Elton John

2. Glycerine ~ Bush

3. When I Get Where I'm Going ~ Dolly & Brad Paisley

4. Do You Wanna ~ Josh Radin

5. Crazy in Love ~ Beyonce & Jay Z

6. Something ~ Beatles

7. Love the One Your With ~ Isly Brothers

8. Ball & Chain ~ Social D

9. Don't Stop Believing ~ Journey

10. Nothing But a Good Time ~ Poison

I'm not tagging anyone. If you read this, just do it.

You're turn to share in comments or on your blog.


Jennifer Lynn said...

I did it, check my blog!

jenica said...

this cracks me up. you've got a really varied library. ;-D

Mollie said...

Okay here's mine!

1. You're a wolf, Sea Wolf

2. Gloria, Van Morrison

3. Knock 'em out, Lily Allen

4. Crazy Love, van Morrison

5. Star witness, Neko Case

6. Since K got over me, The Clientele

7. Young Folks, Peter Bjorn and John

8. Electricityscape, The Strokes

9. More then Us, Travis

10 Anarchy in the UK, Sex Pistols