Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am sure you have seen the movie Elf, and if you have not, stop reading this junk and get up to Blockbuster NOW.

Any who, my kids have begun a love affair with syrup. They crave it every morning and yes, I give it to them. I remember being their age and feeling the same way. I recall mornings at the breakfast table, staring at the Mrs Butterworth bottle and waiting for it to come to life and talk to me. Grace and Denny don't get the fancy stuff. They are stuck with Giant Eagle reduced calorie syrup, but they love it just the same. And you know what, it gets the day started with a bang. I drink my coffee, and G&D basically drink their syrup. That's no joke either. You see, they love to dunk their breakfast in the syrup. So as they dunk their waffles or french toast sticks, they also dunk their fingers and/or forks into the syrup and slurp away.

Now we haven't gone as far as Elf...we are not at the point yet of pouring syrup onto our spaghetti. Syrup hasn't made it into our dinners yet. Well, except for the other night, but it was already added by the manufacturer, not the mama. I made baked beans and they happen to be maple syrup flavored. Normally, Grace would not touch a baked bean if it was the last food on earth. However, when I told her there was maple syrup in the beans, she proceeded to eat an entire can.

Disclaimer for this mom of the year....each morning the kids breakfast includes lots of fresh fruit and a vitamin. If they happen to dunk that in syrup, I may happen look the other way.


Mollie said...

What an awesome, sticky life-long memory you're creating for your little ones! Super mom you are!

Kara said...

Yes, we love 'Elf' in this house and watch it year round! It is one of the greatest. Nolan burps and says, "did you hear that?!?!" Oh, and my kids totally dig syrup!

Carie said...

Emma doesn't do syrup anymore...I miss it. She does fruit and granola...I think that she copies me...which sucks b/c you know I would always steal a piece of her french toast!!

Gwen said...

When I read the part about Grace and baked beans, Chris laughed and said she was a girl after his own heart. Even syrup won't get him to eat a baked bean. :)
While we were staying with my parents before we came to Ann Arbor, my mom made pancakes like every morning, and the girls discovered pancakes. And syrup. I thought I'd be so much stricter about their diet before they were born. Oh well, who is the mom they expected to be, right?