Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today my darling Dennis Patrick turns 3.

Terrible threes, I am ready for you! This isn't my first rodeo. I went through it only a year ago with Grace, so I am no rookie. Bring it on.
All our sweet boy wants for his bday is cake. Cake is his new obsession. We had his bday party last Saturday and D was more interested in his cake then his presents.
Today he is going out to breakfast with Grandma Debbie, then I am going to spoil him all day long.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Denny! WOW the BIG 3! Where does the time go?

Mollie said...

Yeah Denny! Tickle me threes! What a cute little man he is.

jenica said...

he's so super cute! happy birthday big boy!

happy mama!