Friday, June 20, 2008


Here are my babies wearing Bob's high school letter man jacket. I took a bunch of shots and framed them for him for Dad's day.
Speaking of Dads, today Bob's Dad is coming in town from Florida. And, it is Tim's birthday. So today we are going to cook out and enjoy some family time.
On the home front, Bob and I have been re-doing our living room. We ripped the carpet out, cleaned up the original hard wood floors, and moved some things around. The days and nights are so busy, I feel like everything is one big blur.
Did I mention my Sister (in-law) is getting married next weekend?
I know I am all over the place, but my mind is going a mile a minute.
I just wanted to check in with all my bloggie buds and share these adorable pics of G&D~


Jennifer Lynn said...

Make sure to post some pics of the newly improved livingroom!

Carie said...

what a great present! Brian got outback, a movie (Hulk), and Ice cream....he is like a kid.....thats what he wants!!!

Tara said...

Love the pics. Congrats to your sis-in-law :)