Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Monday was hot. Gross, setting records kind of hot. We've been outside with the kids non-stop for the past week or so. Monday, I needed a day inside with the A/C cranked. With that being said~

Grace and Denny were playing house. Grace was the mommy and Denny was the mommy too. Yes, D was a mama. You see, whatever Grace does or is, Denny has to do the same. So when Grace calmly tried to explain to Den that he was a boy so he was the Daddy, he wasn't having it. She tried to argue it out for a few minutes, but once she realized he wasn't budging, there was two Mama's. That made me happy b/c hopefully when the kids are older and in school, they will actually have friends who have two moms or two dad's.

Anyway, they were playing house for a good 30 minutes in Grace's room. I wanted to sit and observe so I laid on G's bed and told them to pretend I wasn't there. However, all you parents know that doesn't work as planned. MOM! is in the room or DAD! is in the room and you become part of the game. While G&D were being married and taking care of their "so many" kids, G&D started fighting over something. I tried to explain in 4-year-old language about marriage and compromise. Grace totally got it! She handed over Denny the object they were fighting over and calmly told me in her low voice that Denny was annoying her but she still loved him.

Then she got right in my face and whispered...."You know how it is Mom. Husbands can be soooo annoying."

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Jennifer Lynn said...

LOVE it! So true Grace so true!