Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The marathon from Eric's window.  45,000 people ran

I haven't had a chance yet to blog about our Chicago trip.  Really I mean I haven't had the energy to blog about Chicago yet.  Yes, it does take energy some days to blog.
So 3 days in Chi-town and besides consuming way too much alcohol, some of the other highlights included:

Losing my money in a Casino
Watching the Chicago Marathon
Sushi and plum wine
Watching a shirtless man with a fake 2 foot boner walk the streets
"Borrowing" souvenirs from bar

Whenever I return from a real city, I always spend days questioning why we are still in Cleveland.  Besides the obvious friends and family, this place kinda sucks.  But I am not going to go on an anti-Cleveland rant, we all did enough of that when we were in the windy city.  I am glad to be home though only because I missed the kids.  Now that I have been home for a few days, I am ready to get rid of the kids again.  Any takers?

Bob & Eric at the marathon with one of our bar souvenirs

Thanks Eric for your hospitality and thanks Mom and Joe for watching the babes!  We had an amazing weekend.


mollie said...

Looks like a total blast, were you able to meet up with Beth?

Carie said...

fun fun fun...take me too next time!!!!!!

Lisa said...

First time visitor...
I'm feeling homesick today and missing all of my family in Cleveland...

Jennifer Lynn said...

The picture from the window of the marathon is amazing, what a great view!

We have only been to Chicago on a lay over, but it looks like you had a kick ass weekend!

Alexa said...

i know eric, i don't know how and i don't know from where. but i know him.

it's going to drive me nuts by the way : )