Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Road trippin' to Chicago this weekend with Bob and Jess.  I'm in search of some good tunes to drive to.  All comments will be greatly appreciated!  I have a bunch of i-tunes cards ready to use :)  


Carie said...

Holy CRAP!!! I have Music for you
Dont trust me- 3oh!3
American Boy Estelle
Breakfast in NYC oppenheimer
If you want Blood-ACDC
Lazy Eye- Silversun Pick ups
Jane Fonda Mickey Avalon
Rite of Spring Angels and Airwaves
Such Great Heights The Postal Service
Thrash Unreal- Against me
I have a bunch of old stuff too, I wish that I could send you my playlist

mollie said...

Have fun & take lots of pics!!!

You can try
-the Virgins
- the new Beck Album
That's all I can think of right now. I need new music too.

Jennifer Lynn said...

I love the new Pink song. Have you heard that one?