Monday, October 20, 2008


Monday evening I went over Jess's for a little bit.  When I came home, Bob and the kids are anxiously telling me I have to look in Grace's room b/c they hung up a new picture on her wall.  I was thinking that while I was away, they did some art and hung it in her room.
I walk into Grace's room and what do I see? 

Oh yeah, that is me and the Nelson brothers, circa 1987.  
My Dad didn't think it was good enough to just have the picture framed, he had to have it made into a giant glossy poster.   
The funniest part of it all is that Grace is begging Bob to take it down from her wall.  She said she will not sleep, CAN NOT SLEEP, in her room with that goofy picture hanging there.  I don't blame her.  That photo can give anyone nightmares, especially a 4-year-old girl.  
She also wants to know who the three girls in the picture are.  She refuses to believe that it is me in the picture and the other two are dudes.  
The cool thing for me is that I now remember what my natural hair color is.


mollie said...

LOLLLL!!!!! I remember when you tried to sell that CD and Used Kids wouldn't take it. LOLLLL!!!!

AMANDA said...

That's right!!
I think that was the only CD ever denied by Used Kids. Thanks Nelson!

Anonymous said...


Carie said... least you didn't go to NKOTB THIS YEAR

nova robinson said...

Ha! This is awesome! Your husband sounds like a total tormentor, which is a characteristic of all the Keeler men in my family, too. We don't have anyone in Cleveland that I know of, they are all from the Philadelphia area. And here is something neat or freaking scary, depending on your point of view: there is a Keeler newsletter, I recently discovered. Wacky. I hope you guys aren't the ones running it...
anyhoo. thanks for checking out my blog and saying nice things there.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Holy crap! Look at you rockin' the 80s hairdo! I love that it is poster sized, so funny!