Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Me & Bob at a friends wedding in '97

It was 13 years ago this night that Bob and I re-met. 
We were both home from college, me OSU and Bobby RIT.  The night before Thanksgiving is the best party night for college kids and 20-somethings, as everyone is home from school and it's like a huge reunion wherever you go.
Back in 1995, the Flats in Cleveland was a hot spot.  I was at Oconner's Irish Pub (underage, but my friends Mom owned the bar.)  I still remember what I was pants and a white belly shirt.  I had just done a shot of Jager and in typical Amanda style, I spilled half of the shot on my shirt.  So there I was, in a white shirt with a dark liquor spilled all over the front of it.

I saw Bob as I was walking back from the ladies room.  I had not seen him since I was in high school, so it had been a few years.  I was now 19 and he was 22.  
He walked over to me with his big, gorgeous smile and said "Hey, remember me?"
I acted like I didn't because I was playin' the game.  After he "reminded" me how I knew him, we spent the rest of the night catching up.
As I was leaving, he walked me outside and gave me a kiss.  My heart melted.
For the rest of the Holiday break, we hung out as much as possible.  I was falling hard and fast and I knew it.  But I never knew we would make it through the years of separate colleges in different states, Army life and deployments, and lots of stupid mistakes in between it all.  We did a lot of growing up together.
Now here we are 13 years later.  We have eight years of marriage under our belts and two kids.  It is still hard to believe it all.  
So now that I am a 30-something wife and momma, this night is still one of my favorites.  Thankfully I don't hit the bars anymore.  Instead, I spend it with my hubby and kids, prepping everything for Thanksgiving, drinking some wine, listening to music and being truly thankful for what we have.  
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  
Our 1st New Years together...we went to Times Square


jenica said...

this is so sweet!
as if thanksgiving didn't rock enough, you've got the greatest memory to go with it.


msmollie said...

Great story! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

See you soon, right?!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I LOVE that story and oh what memories it brought back for me. We have such great memories from when you lived here. We partied it up with them best of them on many occassions. I have so many great pics to remember you two by.