Sunday, November 30, 2008


The kids are in the kitchen playing with play-dough and Bob and I are playing Cornhole on the Wii.  Play-dough is a special treat for when Mommy and Daddy want to be left alone for a good hour.
 Grace and Denny have the best conversations with each other when they think that we aren't listening.  Here is what I just heard:

G:  Yeah Denny, pretty soon I am going to be five!
D:  Yeah, me too.  Tomorrow I am gonna be five!
G: No Den, I am going to turn five, you are going to turn four.  
D:  Oh, yeah.
G:  Then after five, I will be six.  That's just how it goes.  I will be six!!  Oh my goodness Dennis, I don't want to turn six, I don't want to be an adult!  What am I going to do Denny, I really don't want to be an adult!


Jennifer Lynn said...

I love it, thanks for the laugh this afternoon!

Carie said...

very sweet! I don't wanna be an adult either

Anonymous said...

6 is soo old! This is great, I love that they have these adult sounding conversations.