Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Mutt Meets Clause~

Here's Archie this morning meeting Santa at Petco.  Bob went for a run with him and they stopped at the store.  Lo and behold, Santa was there so Archie hung with Mr. Clause for a bit and told him a few things on his wish list.  
I guess Archie was a big hit at the store.  People were lovin' them some Goldendoodle.  I always laugh because whenever we take Archie places, we are constantly stopped and people pet the dog and ask millions of questions.  We always here about how cute he is and blah, blah, blah.  But then when we are at home, everyone who comes over can't stand the dog b/c he is so obnoxious and he will eat your expensive shoes.  
Our front door used to be a revolving door of friends and fam stopping over.  Now I am lucky if I can get my Mom over my house for my birthday.  I know it's the dog, not me, right?
Regardless, I love the mutt and he was in need of a post, so here it is.  BTW, Arch went to the vet the other day and weighed in at 96 lbs.   He is fat the Vet said, and not with a PH.  Fat with a big fat F.  He needs to lose 5 lbs and I guarantee it will happen soon since he is Bob's new running partner.  And we swapped his milk bones with baby carrots.  Happy Holidays Archie.


Carie said...

love it

Jennifer Lynn said...

We had to put Rocky on a diet and buy him Beneful food. He is lean and trim now!