Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Check Up On It

Today our main focus was getting both kids to the doctors without any major breakdowns. Denny had to go for his 15 month check up. Grace had to get looked at for a persistent cough that won't leave her alone.

First off, here are the stats: Grace, who is a bit over 2 1/2 years, weighed in at 32 lbs.
Denny, @ 15 months, is almost 27 lbs, and is 32" in length. His height, weight, and head are in the 75th percentile.

Our appointment wasn't until 3:50, and I spent the past 2 days prepping for this visit with Grace. We took out all her doctor toys and I showed her what the Doc was going to do. She did it to me, Denny and Monkey, over and over again. I went in prepared today. So I thought. As soon as Dr. Evans walked in, Grace stood in the corner, facing the wall, with her eyes shut, holding monkey. She wouldn't budge. So we made Denny go first. Doc looked him over and gave him 2 shots, all without a whimper from the my little man.

When it was Grace's turn, she sat on my lap and let Doc look in her throat and listen to her chest. It took awhile for her to warm up, but she did a good job. Both babies left with a clean bill of health!


Jennifer Lynn said...

Congrats on the clean bill of health, but that wasn't a very fun way to spend the day! Better days to come!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I forgot to ask you, where is Jen Mehling?? She hasn't blogged in ages? Is all well?

The Whole Self said...

oooh, i feel you on the doctor visit stress with the little ones. i have to prep MYSELF days in advance just to get through it. it always ends up a little better than my nightmarish visions in my mind. although we've had some episodes, let me tell you.

glad all is well!