Saturday, August 19, 2006

Steamy Saturday

Our sculptures arrived today from the Picture People. They turned out great, sorry for the crappy photo, but you get the idea. Last night we had people over and guess what we did: played cornhole. Imagine that. I am actually getting sick of the game. And the crazy thing is, people are calling us tonight, wanting to play again. I need a cornholio break until next weekend. Here's a pic of Pete and Bob playing last night. Another crappy picture, another apology.

Now here's a couple good shots of my babies today. We went to the International Festival at St. John Bosco. We got there around 1pm and rode some rides, are some junk, and played a few games. We got in the car to go home, and the clock said 2:15pm. I swear it felt like we were there for 4 hours. The reason being was today was the muggiest day EVER. The temp was probably only 75, but everyone was dripping with sweat and could barely breathe. It sucks. My house feels like a sauna. There's nothing I can do to get comfortable. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Are those cut outs of the babies? You need to take another pic, they look neat but I can't get a good look at them. We had a rainy weekend, so I think I might have swaped with you for the muggy weather! At least you had some fun.