Friday, August 18, 2006


Love my sister- in-law Becky. Love, love, love.
You see, a few months back, Kenny Chesney tickets went on sale. It sold out fast. I didn't buy any tickets because none of my friends like country music. So I sulked, and sulked, and then in conversation one night with Becky, she said her and Pete bought 4 tickets. Their friend Chris was going, and the extra ticket was for whoever he was taking.
The last few times I've seen Chris, I tried to turn on the charm and talk about how much fun we'd have at the concert. My "charm" turned to straight begging and pleading for the extra ticket. Well it all paid of. Last night Becky called me and asked what I was doing next Thursday. Thank you Becky and thank you Chris! I can't wait for the concert!

In other news, this picture of Denny is from yesterday when I woke him up from his nap. You can see he wasn't too happy with me, but it was getting late and I didn't want him to be up all night. My baby boy is getting so darn big. On Wednesday, Bob's mom stopped over and brought with her the best sweet corn I've ever tasted. The kids love it too, we can't get enough of it.

We watched another awesome movie a couple nights ago : "Inside Man" with Denzel Washington & Clive Owen. Very good flick! Last night Steve and Jalissa came over and we played cornhole for a couple hours. I realized when I'm not drinking, I am pretty damn good at cornholio. But when I have a few beers in me, I suck. So when we have our cornhole tournament next weekend, I'm gonna have to start off the day with water, at least for the first few games because I want to win!!!!

Here's to a great weekend everyone!

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Jennifer Lynn said...

I am such a bad blogger lately, so sorry! Have fun at the concert, that is so great that you can go! Have a great weekend!