Friday, September 08, 2006

Big Game Weekend

Thursday started off good enough. We spent some of the morning at the gym. Came home and had lunch, then both babies napped. The afternoon we went to my mom's house, and played outside for a couple of hours.
I didn't feel like cooking dinner, and had a taste for sushi, so we ordered in. I found a place that has the best sushi and delivers. You can't beat that.
Then around 6pm, I was hit with the crabby stick. Suddenly I felt so tired and angry, and who do I take it out on: the babies and Bob. Innocent bystanders of my wrath. No rhyme or reason, I just turned into a mean momma and wife.
Then around 10, Jalissa invited us over for a fire. I didn't feel like going, and spreading my bad mood to others. But I did end up going b/c I can never say "no." The fire actually helped. It was relaxing sitting outside on a clear night, gazing at the starts, staring into the fire. After an hour, I turned in and felt much calmer.

Our neighbor, Steve, cutting our grass this morning (paying up from last weekend's cornhole bet.)

Today thankfully is Friday, even though it has been a short week. My mood has passed and I am ready for a weekend with my family. Today is a beautiful day; blue sky, sunny and 75 degrees. Perfect. Tomorrow is the big OSU game against Texas. Go Bucks Go. O-H-I-O!

Last night's bon-fire


Jennifer Lynn said...

I have my mama moods as well. I don't think that the hubbies realize how much we do and then just get worn out. I have an amazing hubby but I still do about 80% of the work and I totally understand where you were coming from. It passes and then a new day begins! Have a great weekend!

The Whole Self said...

sending hugs-

ps- you are such a good mum and i'm guessing that you're a pretty damn good wife, too.