Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I don't know what is happening to our sweet, shy little boy. Next week he will be 1 1/2, so he's still just a little guy. But lately, he has been a maniac! No kidding. If Bob or I leave the room for 2 seconds, we walk back in and he is standing on top of a table, jumping and acting insane. He dives off of the couch 30 times a day, and almost breaks his neck on more than half of the jumps. If Grace does something he doesn't like, he makes a fist and hits her in the head, while pulling her hair with the other hand. When I try to take him out of the day care at the gym, he flips out and I have to carry him like a football in order to get him out safely. Don't get me wrong, love the boy more than life itself, but man he has been a handful lately.
There are no (well, few) better feelings than leaving the dentists after a cleaning. It sucks laying there for 30 minutes with your mouth wide open, bleeding gums and your tongue getting sucked up that thingy, but it is sooooo worth it. I got my choppers cleaned this afternoon and now I feel so fresh. More incentive not to smoke, since my teeth were severely stained from the smokes, and now I want to keep my pearly whites white.

I'm totally excited b/c one of my old roomies from Ohio State, Mollie, started a blog, so now I get to spy in on her life and the life of her beautiful little girl. Check it out, Fish Food, on my links list. Also, while you are browsing Fish Food, you have to click on the Overheard in NY link. I got caught up in it and was reading away, laughing away for a long time.
I'm gonna have to skip on the Folk Wisdom book tonight, because I'm upstairs and the book is downstairs, and I'm not getting up. I'm pretty sure no one will mind.
Happy Hump!

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Jennifer Lynn said...

At least Heavy D waited until he was 1 1/2 to gte wild, Seth is 9 months and into everything!!!