Friday, December 29, 2006

Get Down Watertown

A page from our "watertown" book, showing our first x-mas party, 1999

Get down watertown. When we lived there, we would hit happy hour every Friday at the Carriage house. They had free food, cheap drinks and always an interesting band. The one night we were there and as everyone was busting a move on the dance floor, the lead singer screamed into the microphone, "Get down watertown." It is a line I will never forget. Bob and I still say that all the time.

I moved to watertown in January of 99 after I graduated from OSU. Bob moved there a few months earlier as an Army Officer, stationed at Fort Drum. In April of 2002, we made the move back to Cleveland. When we left, some of our friends had the best farewell gifts. Jen at Charlton's World made us a book, full of pictures and captions from all the fun times we shared together. The front of the book says:


There's pages from our 1st x-mas party, Bob's promotion party, New Years 2002 & the goodbye party for Bob and I. The photo above shows a page from the book. I was hoping to share more, but blogger isn't letting me upload the other pages. I love this book and look through it often. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy b.c we have so many awesome memories and made so many great friends there that we still keep in touch with. Sad because we don't get to see everyone enough (or at all, really.) But thanks to technology...blogs, email, fotologs, etc, it feels like we aren't all so far away.

Happy Friday! Tonight Bob and I get to go out for a few hours w/out the babies. His friend Damon and his wife are in town from Florida (has everyone moved to Florida??) so we are going to go meet them for a few cocktails. Cheers to the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for Watertown!! It's great to see the old pics, it brings back so many memories. We had tons of fun back then, we wish we could return back there sometimes and rehash those moments. It's great keeping in touch with you guys this way. We will plan a trip to see you soon, if we are welcome.

Take care- Roland

amanda kathryn said...

I have a lot more old pics to share! I found lots of goodies that I can't wait to post.
And OF COURSE you guys are more than welcome to visit. We would LOVE to have you here!

The Whole Self said...

this post brought tears to my eyes! as much as watertown drove me nuts when i was there (meaning, all i wanted to do was come home to MA), sometimes i wish we still lived there. looking back, i really loved it THAT much. you guys are awesome and we miss you!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I TOTALLY forgot about that book I made for you. My memory is shot, but I'm so excited to see it again!