Saturday, December 30, 2006


We came home last night at 11:30, and I checked my called ID like I always do. Jess called at 9:39 and Judie called at 10:57. Something is going on. I call Jude's back and get her voice mail. Then I call Jess back and I get some one other then Jess answering her phone, and it's loud and obnoxious, so I hang up.
Finally our phone rings shortly after midnight. It's Judy. She has the news. Scott proposed to her tonight after the Cavs game. I am jumping up and down in my kitchen. So excited for something happy to take place that I can't contain myself. I don't care if the kids wake up, Scott & Judy are engaged. They have been together for a long time, & we all knew this day would come, so it's here and I am loving it.
Congrats to you guys. I know you read this, and you need to know how truly excited I am for you both!! I love you guys.

Scott & Judie @ our Halloween Party

Bob and I had fun last night. It was good to see Damon & Elaina. Damon used to work with Bob at Pulte, until he left in May for a new job in Orlando. So it was nice to catch up with them as they tried to persuade us to move to Orlando.

Today we took down the Christmas tree and all the decorations :( The good side to that is that our living room has a lot more space to play now, and we can see our new window!

New years eve tomorrow! Our neighbors called us this morning and asked if we wanted to come over there tomorrow night. So that's what we'll be doing to ring in 2007. I usually don't make resolutions, but this year I am quitting smoking. How many times have you heard that one? A lot! But we are doing it. I'm not going to consider it my resolution though, I'm just quiting. I promise!


The Whole Self said...

congrats to your friends!

Jennifer Lynn said...

That is wonderful about yor friends, I love to go to weddings as I get older.

I agree as well, you almost quit smoking this so you can definately do it again and for good, good luck!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Again I need to reread before I post, I meant You almost quit this year...

Mollie said...

Happy Happy! Joy Joy! Love is wonderful and grand! Have a great New Year and I look forward to seeing you soon!