Thursday, January 18, 2007

Getting Better

Denny's new haircut

Good news, Heavy D is feeling better. His nose is runny and he is a little fussy, but he is much, much better. The croup went away faster than we thought it would. So today I am actually going to leave the house and get some stuff done.

This morning I was brushing my teeth and I told Grace to go in Denny's room and tell him I'd be right there. She opened his door then came back to me and said, "Denny is naked, his diaper is off and their is poop on the floor." I go into his room and yep, everything she said was true. I love starting the morning off with a big, nasty mess! But Grace and I were cracking up because Denny was so happy, almost proud of himself for doing that. No wonder he slept until 9am. He was a busy boy.

This picture of Grace was taken last night before we did Yoga. A local yoga instructor donated some Yoga videos for the fund raiser and Grace and I picked them up last night. When we got home I asked her if she wanted to try one of the videos with me. Of course she did but first she had to change into her "yoga" clothes. She picked this shirt and then had me put her hair up. After that we were good to go.
Check out this
Trailer to an upcoming movie, Fred Claus. Tell me this is not going to be a hilarious movie. Too bad it doesn't come out until Christmas.


Jennifer Lynn said...

I'm so happy that Heavy D is feeling better, I"m hoping that we are on the mend here too. We had a wild night so I never know with my little one.

I can't wait to hear all about the benefit, what a wonderful cause!

The Whole Self said...

happiness! yoga and healthyboy vibes! all is good in the world again.

Carie said...

I just figured out how to do this....That is awesome that you are teaching them yoga so young, what a great thing!!!