Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Morning Rituals

Sleeping Beauty

Most people wake up to an alarm clock each morning. I wake up to Grace & Denny talking to each other through the walls. Grace usually starts, and she starts simple with a few "mama, mama" yells. Then Denny copies her and yells the same thing. They take turns repeating each other (Denny trying to copy Grace) and they'll do this for usually a half hour. I lay in bed and listen, laughing at what silly monkeys they are.
Tuesday morning I heard Grace but no Denny. And she was getting mad, yelling "Denny where are you. Come on Denny, let's play." But the boy was sick, so he slept in. I could here him in the monitor snoring loudly b/c of his stuffy nose. Anyway, I came downstairs to get Grace, and she told me to go back to bed. She said she wasn't ready to get up yet, not until Denny answered her calls. I never argue with someone when they tell me to go back to bed. NEVER!

Denny has
croup. When he woke up Tuesday he was having a hard time breathing and had a strange cough. But his spirits were good and I thought all was well. I talked to a nurse at his Dr.'s office, and she said there was nothing to worry about. Then when he woke from his nap at 4pm on Tuesday, my mom was over. She went in his room to get him and said he was having a VERY hard time breathing. When I saw the poor kid I flipped. He looked and sounded miserable. His breathing was very forced and I could tell he was having a heck of a time. Plus he was burning up. I called the Doctor and they listened to him over the phone and said bring him in ASAP. They did some tests and said he wasn't getting enough oxygen to his blood, and he wasn't taking enough breaths. So they gave him a shot of steroids, some Tylenol for his fever and then we waited. Waited till everything kicked in. It took only a half hour, and then he was much better. They sent us home and now we have to keep an eye/ear on him all night. Croup is common the doc said. He also said it is contagious, so I pray that Grace doesn't get it too. But Denny should be back to "normal" by the weekend. He made it through the night without incident and he breathing was much better this morning.
Well lots of lovely people have emailed me about tickets for the fund raiser. I finally have the tickets to the event, so call me or email me and I'll get the tickets to you.


Mollie said...

Ahhh, I'm soo sorry honey. Poor little muffin. Mags had it, it sucks but she was good to go in no time. I'm telling you the same thing I told Kara, start feeding Grace Mangos. There is some property in them that kill viruses. Good luck!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I am feeling your pain this morning Amanda. Seth has his 3rd ear infection in 6 weeks and it is so tough when the little ones are sick. I would do anything to change places with him. Here's hoping for healthy households in the upcoming week!

Good luck also on your fundraiser, you guys are the best!

The Whole Self said...

oooooh poor little boy! give that guy some hugs from the gilberts.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

croup is the same virus that causes laryngitis in adults. Croup usually affects kids under 5 only. I only know this because my daughter gets it about once a year, and it's the same as you just described. Her older brother though, just gets a sore throat and loses his voice for a couple of days. Hope your little guy didn't suffer through it long.