Sunday, January 14, 2007

Princess Wishes, Parties & New Babies

Carrie, Jess & Aly

Grandma Debbie & Papa Joe bought Grace tix to Princess on Ice for her birthday. Grandma picked Grace up Saturday morning for the show and off they went. Well let me tell you, they had FRONT ROW SEATS!!! When Grace came home, she had a look on her face that I have never seen. She was in awe and overwhelmed and excited, all mixed in one. It was priceless. She is so happy and won't stop talking about it and reading the program over and over.

Me and Tracy

In other news, my cousin Maggie had her baby girl on Saturday morning at 10am. Baby girl weighed 7.2 lbs, name still TBD. I'm going to go visit Maggie and the baby this week and then I will post some pics of the new bundle of joy!

Stacia, Judy, Me & Jen

Saturday night Tracy's sister Lyn had a surprise birthday party for Tracy. All the girls met over at Lyn's for food, drinks and presents. Bob and I bought Tracy tickets to the Billy Joel concert that is coming in April. So now I have something to look forward to. I LOVE Billy and I've seen him in concert before. Actually, Tracy went to that concert with me. It was FAB!

Speaking of shows, there was a
review in the Friday paper on the play we just saw, Of Mice & Men. The critic ripped the play apart and said the acting was horrible. WTF??? He said the exact opposite of what I said and thought about it. Let's just say he's a moron and I'm not.

Stacia, Tracy & Jen

I want to wish a happy birthday to Jen M.! I hope you are having an awesome birthday today, and Pete and Willy are spoiling the crap out of you!

If anyone is looking for a good laugh, rent Clerks 2. Bob and I watched it the other night and it was hilarious. Have a good week peeps.


Jennifer Lynn said...

We saw Billy in concert last March and we were in complete AWE! I had goosebumps, tears, you name it! It was so great and you will LOVE it!

Your friend Tracy is so lucky to have you in her life, I only wish that you lived closer to us! Miss you guys!

The Whole Self said...

is it possible that you are your friends are the prettiest gals on the planet? you all look shiny and gorgeous.

glad that you're having good times!