Friday, January 12, 2007


Nancy, the speaker at MUMS on Thursday, talked about spiralling up. How as mothers, as women, people in general, we often are trying too hard to accomplish too much. That when we need help, we fail to ask for it. But we expect others, mainly our children, to ask for help when they need it. So then we all talked about what makes us spiral down, and how we find ways to spiral back up. I think my main factor that makes me spiral down is the feeling of never being able to have everything done. There is always something that I need to be doing, or I need to get done. I am never without things on my to do list, and the list is always long. Normally I don't stress about it, because none of it is life threatening. But some days it does get to me. For instance, this morning I spent 9am-12noon cleaning Denny's room, organizing his closet and re-arranging the furniture. I should feel a sense of accomplishment, but I don't. I look around my house and see that every other room is a disaster. Then I look at the calendar and see a few places I have to run to before 4.
How did I spiral up? I sat down for 5 minutes and enjoyed a cup of coffee. Then I looked at G&D who were playing "together" without incident, smiling & laughing. To top it off, I checked my mail and received 2 generous gift certificates to be raffled off at Mike's fund raiser next month.
So I spiralled up and I am ready to enjoy the rest of my day. It is Friday!

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Jennifer Lynn said...

What a wonderful and inspiring post. I loved it! I agree, sometimes you just need to sit down and not worry about the to do list and enjoy your kids. I find I sit back and just watch Seth tool around the house more and more. I used to worry about getting the bottles cleaned, dinner cooked, clothes washed and ironed, etc etc etc... I got a a point where I was just so stressed I hated to come home. One day it just hit me that life was passing me by why all I was doing was rushing around all the time worrying. I've learned the hard way and now I'm much more relaxed with my day to day routine. Sorry for the long ramble!