Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bachelor Party

The Bachelor, Andy

Monday night was the Bachelor finale. This is the first time ever my girl was in the final 2, and I've been playing this game for years. Jess and I went over to Tracy's for the 2 hour finale and rooted on my pick Bevin. If she was the one who got the final rose, a cool $100 would be mine. We watched and laughed at all the cheesiness, waiting for that last 10 minutes to see who would be chosen. Here's my girl Bevin.

And below is the competition, Tessa.

In the end, my girl Bevin was kicked to the curb as Andy proposed to Tessa. Oh well, there's always next season.
Today is going to be a gorgeous day. I just got off the phone with Tracy and we are deciding what to do with the kids. Maybe the Zoo with Jess and Leo, or we might just go for a long walk somewhere. Whatever it is, I want to be outside all day long!
I added a new link to my fav blog list, Rowan and Saoirse. My cousin Chris and his wife Gwen set it up so they could show off their new twin baby girls. Stop by and check it out when you get a chance.

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Didn't I read in the tabs that after all was said and done that Bevin ended up saying she wouldn't marry him and broke it off?

Anyhow, you are just as cheesy as I am so no worries, I love those shows too.

Shouldn't Nip/Tuck be coming back here soon too?