Sunday, May 20, 2007


Friday the kids and I did a ton of running around. Nothing fun with that, but we did get a lot accomplished. After naps, we had a little visit from Papa Joe. How you doin'?
Friday night Becky and Pete came over to watch the CAVS game. We beat the Nets 88-72 and move on to play Detroit on Monday. GO CAVS! Bob went to bed early and Pete and Becky left by 11 b/c Pete has to work on Saturdays. Jess called me 11ish and said she could pick me up on the way to Scorekeepers. All the girls were together and going out for some drinks. Surprisingly, I said no. I almost said yes b/c I haven't seen some of the girls for awhile now, but then I knew I wouldn't be home until 2am and I wanted to enjoy my Saturday with Bob and the kids. So I hit the hay by midnight and had an awesome Saturday.

Saturday we took the kids to kiddie park. For you non-C towners, Kiddie Park is an amusement park for anyone under 50 inches. It is heaven on earth for little kids. The best part of Kiddie Park is the history. Bob and I used to go there when we were little. Our parents went there when they were little. And they have all the original rides! Denny went on his first roller coaster. I almost puked up my corn dog, but him and Grace loved it. They are adrenaline junkies already (especially G.) Bob and I loved every second of it too. It brought back so many memories of childhood, and there's nothing better than making those sweet memories for your kids. I'm sure our parents thought the same thing 30 years ago. Here's some pics from the day:

When we came home Bob and the kids made cookies and that was our dinner. Before you say "bad mom", I made sure to include a Flinstone vitamin for G&D with their cookie dinner.

Sunday was our neighbor Katie's communion party. It was at a pavilion in the Metroparks. G&D went on their first hike and what an adventure it was.
The best news of the week is that Bob's dad is back home from the hospital! I'm sure it feels so good to be back home.


Mollie said...

First of all I love that Monkey went on the rides with Grace. That is so cute! Secondly, Denny looks like such a big boy in those pictures. Oh my gosh do they grow so fast. Looks like a great weekend!

Jennifer Lynn said...

You live in such a great area with so much to offer. I'm a little jealous I have to say. Anyhow, congrats on Bob's dad, that is great news.

Mayren said...

That's awesome! - i mean once in a very blue moon ya have to just let kids be kids so they don't notice the loose but still present structure to their lives for a day.

Your da best mom!

jenica said...

loving the vitamin with dinner. i think that cookies for dinner are a necessity to raising children properly!

The Whole Self said...

nothing about you is a "bad mom"! cookies for dinner sounds great to me!

Tara said...

That look like so much fun; makes me wish I were a kid again!

Melissa Parlaman (Graco contributor) said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I too live in an area with a lot of amusement parks & i love to go with my 2 year old daugther. we can't wait until next season to do it all over again!