Friday, July 20, 2007


Thursday, despite all the rain, Bob and I made it out in the evening for a round of golf. Last summer, my mom gave me her golf clubs, which are like new. The clubs I usually play with are ancient, but I was always too cheap to buy a new set b/c I don't golf that often and don't care that much. We used to golf all the time. When we lived in NNY, we joined a course and went 5 days a week. That was back before we had kids, and we had all that "extra" time. So now, certain things are considered a treat, which makes them that much better.
We got caught in a hard downpour for about 15 minutes, then the sun came back and we finished our game.

I was 28 over par. Bob was 16 over, but I still felt like we played well. Really, who cares. It was so relaxing. This coming from a girl who used to throw clubs and throw fits when I wasn't shooting well. Now, I am just happy to be out there, happy to be spending some time with Bob with no one else around.
Happy Friday peeps.


Kara said...

You've inspired me! Tom has been on me about going golfing with him, but I couldn't justify getting a babysitter to go golfing. Not anymore! I think we may try and go next week. Thanks! Have a good weekend!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Loving the camo pants while you are looking like a pro! Way to change it up!