Friday, August 24, 2007


Last weekend we took a family hike. Bob did some research and we decided on trying the Brecksville reservation in the metroparks. Once there, we choose the Deer Lick Cave Loop. It's a 4 mile hike and we made it half way. It would be impossible to make the entire trip with the kids. At one point they both refused to walk anymore. So Bob had G on his shoulders and I had D.
They tired out in the end, but for majority of the hike, G&D were loving it. There were bridges and creeks to cross, a cave to explore, and lots of people riding on horses. I must say, it was the coolest trail I've ever seen. So now we are planning on picking a new trail each weekend to hike. It will be extra beautiful in the fall when the leaves change.

TGIF! I am ready for the weekend. Happy birthday to Jen R. today! The kids and I are off to walk the neighborhood and check out some garage sales. There's nothing we need or want, but it's the end of summer and I am running out of ideas.


jenica said...

you guys all look so cute. what a fun idea! maybe next summer we'll try the same thing... ;-D

Jennifer Lynn said...

That is right up our alley, how fun! I wish we were closer and we would have joined you!