Thursday, August 30, 2007


Grace, Denny, Monkey and Pooh Bear spent last saturday night and sunday afternoon with Gama Deb and Papa Joe. They love staying over there. They are spoiled rotten and filled with lots of x-tra special grandparent love. Here's a couple of pictures from their last visit.

Although this week has been a busy one, it still has gone by super slow. I have realized that although I am not spending my money on cigarettes, I am still spending. A lot. But at least I'll be alive to enjoy what I've been buying. It's not all for me, I'm not a selfish spender. I have gotten myself a lot of stuff. But today I bought this for Grace while we were at the Disney store. That's who she wants to be for Halloween. I have never spent more than $20 on the kids Halloween costumes; today I have tripled that amount, and I didn't even buy the shoes and crown.

I could look into this and dig deep into my mind about why I am spending so much. Maybe I feel bad b/c I have had a "short" temper with G&D lately. Maybe I do have extra cash since I'm not spending $40 a week on smokes. Or maybe I am a bit bored. I mean 20 cigs a day, although quite enjoyable, isn't always easy. It's a time consuming task and now that I have this extra time, I shop. We can't go to the park and pool every day.

So now I get rid of my nicotine addiction and take on a new one in shopping. The hubs won't be upset with my new spending problem though as I spent over $100 at Victoria Secrets today. I'm no dummy.


Carie said...

nice work!!! I love to shop too, but not clothes...I love drugstore stuff

Mollie said...

I hear ya on urges to shop. I have refrained for so long, now all this pent up shopping urges are coming to surface and so I buy food. Therefore I've gained over 5 lbs in one week. Grrr!

You're doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I don't smoke, but when I'm bored WATCH out I shop and spend like a mad woman. That is why I have to get back to work, the funds are running low!

jenica said...

hehe. sounds like you've got your basis covered. i've been spending way too much lately too, and eating out too much. money, money, money.

G will make such a pretty belle!

Mayren said...

Grace is going to be sooo cute as Belle! What's D going as ? He'd make an excellent Spiderman.

Tara said...

Ahhh of my favorite pastimes :)

Looks like a good time was had in the sun!