Sunday, September 30, 2007


Typically, when one thinks of what they would do on a wedding anniversary, they think "alone time" with the one they love. This is especially true, I believe, when you have children.
We didn't have a sitter last Saturday on our anniversary. But you know what we did have? The best day ever.
I must admit, I was bummed at first. I wanted to go away for a night to a cabin in the woods. I envisioned being alone, no phones, lots of champagne, hot tub, get the idea.

That didn't happen and I'm so glad it didn't.

We started the day early with breakfast out at a little diner. Then we went to Target and did some Halloween decoration shopping. It was a blue sky, San Diego weather day and we took full advantage of it.
We shared Beautiful, tear-jerking cards, flowers that fit the season perfectly, and lots of self portraits.

After naps all around, we had a romantic dinner for four at our favorite Italian restaurant Bucci's.
D & Me @ Bucci's

Even though we said "no gifts," my loving kids saved their change and got me a new gadget for my i-pod. It's not only speakers/docking station, but it also has a CD player and radio. Plus, it's in pink, thanks to my baby girl picking it out. Did I mention it has a remote? That makes me happy b/c sometimes I am a lazy gal.

I was so excited for my new toy I downloaded lots of tunes from Deathproof soundtrack (Chick Habit, Hold Tight, & Down in Mexico) then danced my ass off in the kitchen with Denny. It was a good day for everyone and I am thankful we spent it with the kids.

Picking Pumpkins


Mollie said...

That sounds like an awesome day! Glad you two had a good one.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Family days are the best! Here's to many many more happy years!

Tara said...

Very heart-warming. Glad you have a great day!

Carie said...

Sounds perfect!!!