Thursday, January 31, 2008


Oprah does it, so why can't I? Here are a few things I have fallen madly in love with the past few weeks.

1. The Magic Eraser.

This is the best invention ever. I would make sweet, passionate love to this thing if I could. I am serious when I say every wall in my house is covered in crayon and/or pen. I have tried everything to get it off and finally figured I will just have to paint over it. Until I bought the Magic Eraser. Now my walls are free of all the kids "artwork."

2. Busy Bones

Our 5-month-old, fifty pound puppy is obnoxious. He is also teething so he puts anything and everything in his mouth. Most treats he devours in seconds until he met the busy bone. It keeps him chewing away for a good 30 minutes at which time the kids can play without incident.

3. Wicked, the book.

We tried getting tickets to the show that is here in Cleveland. After too much farting around, we couldn't find good seats. Instead, I bought the book and it's imposible to put down.

4. Gary Allan

I couldn't sleep last night so I was flipping through channels on the TV. I stopped on either Leno or Letterman and Gary Allan was on stage singing "Watching Airplanes." So today I downloaded a bunch of his songs. It is country but I love it. Then this morning I went online to get Kenny Chesney tickets for this summer and I saw that Gary Allan is going to tour with KC this summer! Hell to the yell!

What are some of your favorite things?


Kara said...

I discovered the Magic Eraser awhile ago. And there is NOTHING that thing does not take off!! It is a flippin miracle sponge! I don't know what it is made of and frankly I don't want to know. I told Tom that a few years from now they will probably say it causes a third nipple to grow or some other weird medical problem. At least my house and walls are sparkling!!Have a great weekend! I still need to talk to Tom about the 23rd and see about a sitter!

Anonymous said...

tv special showd som kids that had chemicl burns frm the erasr
favorites r my grandkids running n the yard pretending they r airplanes. or going on discovry walks w them

Jennifer Lynn said...

Some of my favorite things...

1. Dr. Pepper fountain soda at 7am in the morning. It is my version of coffee and it makes my morning.

2. My heated seats in my Jeep. When it is so cold that you want to crawl back into your jammies, these seats toast you right up.

3. Mt trash TV, Celebrity Rehadb, My Fair Brady, Nip/Tuck, Rock of Love, The Duel, etc. I'm a TV junky when I have the time.

4. Dansko shoes. They are the comfiest shoes in the world!

I know there is more, but it is Monday and I'm way overtired from the weekend!